World History

Written by: Philip Parker

This Eyewitness Companions book covers world history from the prehistoric world to current events in 2007. Publication was in 2010, so there may be later references I simply missed. Phillip Parker does a wonderful job of telling both sides of the various issues in a fair and concise manner.

Phillip Parker has written a number of books. He studied history at Trinity Hall, Cambridge and International Relations at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Bologna, Italy before working in the British Diplomatic Service. And, he also published historical atlases.

Parker mentions in his section about “What is History?” his decisions about what events and people to include. “Yet by condensing the whole of history down to its essentials – the personalities and events (as well as the causes) that shaped our world – the whole scope of the human story becomes more comprehensible.”

This world history text is full of wonderful illustrations and photos. It reads more like a magazine than a textbook. And, yet, it covers a lot of material quickly. I think it would be a wonderful tool for homeschooling families. Each section could easily be turned into a research assignment, several even, where students would be tasked with expanding upon the material provided.

A particularly neat feature of this text are the lists and directories at the end. Lists like the longest-reigning monarchs, the Egyptian Pharaohs, Roman Emperors, Emperors of China, advances in military technology (i.e. when was the first time a crossbow or tank were used), the Crusades, historical landmarks around the world and too many more too mention make this a great book to add to any home library. They offer a quick reference for the people and events of our world history.

If you do opt to purchase the hard-copy version of this book, be careful. The 2010 version that’s available online has the wonderful lists and directories. The newer, 2017 version, apparently does not; at least I didn’t see it with the Amazon preview tool. Personally, I think those directories are more than worth losing 7 years of modern history. If, on the other hand, you would prefer the latest version, I’ve included a link to that as well.

Table of Contents for World History

What is History?
Timelines of World History
The Prehistoric World to 3000 BCE

Human Ancestors

The Earliest Humans

Early Societies

The Ancient World 3000 – 700 BCE

The Near East



South Asia

The Americas

The Classical World 700 BCE – 600 CE




Celtic and Germanic Europe

People of the Steppes



The Americas

The Medieval World 600 – 1450

East and Southeast Asia

The Middle East and North Africa


Sub-Saharan Africa


Byzantine Empire

The Americas


The Early Modern World 1450 – 1750


The Americas


The World of Empires 1750 – 1914

The Americas





The Modern World 1914 –

World War I

Between the Wars

World War II

Europe after World War II

The Americas

Asia and the Middle East


New Challenges


Kings & Rulers

Wars & Battles

Historical Landmarks


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World History

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