Whitman Calculus

Written by: David Guichard (Whitman College) with material from Neal Koblitz (University of Washington) and H. Jerome Keisler

This free online calculus textbook was written by David Guichard, professor of mathematics at Whitman College, with material from Neal Koblitz (University of Washington) and H. Jerome Keisler. It has been in continuous use at Whitman since 2006. It has also been used at Manhattanville College, Northern Arizona, UC Riverside, UNC Asheville, University of Kentucky, University of Minnesota, Western Connecticut State and Westmont College.

The authors encourage feedback from students and educators and have been constantly updating this text. It had last been updated February 15, 2015, when I was writing this post in March of that same year.

It does include an answer key for selected exercises making it a good calculus textbook choice for self-study or homeschool students. It would appear that the text could be used for at least three semesters of calculus – a great cost-savings for students.

This mulivariable calculus online textbook is available freely from the website or your can purchase a printed copy at Lulu.

Chapter Titles from Whitman Calculus Online Textbook

  1. Analytic Geometry
  2. The Derivative
  3. Rules for Finding Derivatives
  4. Transcendental Functions
  5. Curve Sketching
  6. Applications of the Derivative
  7. Integration
  8. Techniques of Integration
  9. Applications of Integration
  10. Polar Coordinates, Parametric Equations
  11. Sequences and Series
  12. Three Dimensions
  13. Vector Functions
  14. Partial Differentiation
  15. Multiple Integration
  16. Vector Calculus
  17. Differential Equations
  18. Appendix A: Answers
  19. Appendix B: Useful Formulas

Another member of the mathematics faculty at Whitman has worked up some additional exercises that can be downloaded in a .tar format.


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Whitman Calculus

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