Virtual Geomorphology

Written by: Zhigniew Zwolinski (Adam Mickiewicz University)

A most interesting concept for an online geology textbook by Zhigniew Zwolinski. Create a basic outline for a geomorphology textbook and invite scholars from around the world to contribute the chapters and sections. The outcome is a true virtual geomorphology textbook where the table of contents sends the reader to various other websites to find the information that they are looking for. The site has won numerous awards and continues to grow through the submissions of numerous authors. The text is offered in both Polish and English.

Topics Covered on Virtual Geomorphology, Geology Textbook

  • Geomorphological systems
  • Theoretical geomorphology
  • Structural geomorphology
  • Dynamic geomorphology
  • Global changes in geomorphology
  • Biogeomorphology
  • Historical geomorphology
  • Planetary geomorphology
  • Regional geomorphology
  • Applied geomorphology
  • GIS in geomorphology
  • Study methods in geomorphology

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Virtual Geomorphology

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