Vector Math for 3D Computer Graphics

The author calls this a tutorial on vector algebra and matrix algebra from the viewpoint of computer graphics. I call it an interesting, somewhat interactive approach to online learning that presents ideas in small bytes. (sorry, couldn’t resist)

When I visited the Central Connecticut State University website, where this work is housed, they identified it as being in its fourth revision from July 2009. Vector Math for 3D Computer Graphics seems like a good pre-requisite for anyone planning on taking college-level computer graphics courses. Unlike most graphics textbooks, according to the author anyway, this work provides much greater detail into the topics and includes numerous examples.

It would seem that this work may not be a replacement for a pure vector algebra or matrix algebra course, it does appear to be something students taking more rigorous courses may find useful. Science and engineering students may also find the material helpful in their studies.

Prerequisites for this course include plane geometry and trigonometry. Students should be very familiar with concepts such as points, lines, planes and angles. Students will also need to have been exposed to common trigonometric concepts such as sine, cosine, determinant and real number.

Table of Contents for Vector Math for 3D Computer Graphics

  • Chapter 0 — Points and Lines
  • Chapter 1 — Vectors, Points, and Column Matrices
  • Chapter 2 — Matrix Addition
  • Chapter 3 — Vector Addition
  • Chapter 4 — Vector Length
  • Chapter 5 — Vector Direction
  • Chapter 6 — Scaling and Unit Vectors
  • Chapter 7 — The Dot Product
  • Chapter 8 — Length and the Dot Product
  • Chapter 9 — The Angle between Two Vectors
  • Chapter 10 — The Angle between 3D Vectors
  • Chapter 11 — Projecting one Vector onto Another
  • Chapter 12 — Vector Cross Product
  • Chapter 13 — Matrices and Simple Matrix Operations
  • Chapter 14 — Matrix-Column Matrix Multiplicaton
  • Chapter 15 — Matrix-Matrix Multiplication
  • Chapter 16 — Identity Matrix and Matrix Inverse
  • Index

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Vector Math for 3D Computer Graphics

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