Vector Calculus

Written by: Michael Corral (Schoolcraft College)

Students looking for help on elementary multivariable calculus might find it within the pages of this free online textbook written by Michael Corral of Schoolcraft College.

Vector Calculus is intended for students who have already completed courses in single-variable calculus – meaning this is generally the 3rd semester of calculus at the undergraduate level. The text discusses numerical methods including Newton’s method for optimization and the Monte Carlo method for evaluating multiple integrals. There is also a section on calculus applications to probability. The text includes 420 exercises; selected answers are included. Some of the included exercises require students to write a computer program – Corral uses Java for his examples but mentions that students can utilize any programming language in completing the exercises.

This vector calculus textbook can be downloaded in full color from this site. Or it can be downloaded in black and white or purchased in a black and white printed form from Lulu.

Chapter Titles for Vector Calculus Textbook

  1. Vectors in Euclidean Space
  2. Functions of Several Variables
  3. Multiple Integrals
  4. Line and Surface Integrals
  5. Bibliography
  6. Appendix A: Answers and Hints to Selected Exercises
  7. Appendix B: Proof of the Right-Hand Rule for the Cross Product
  8. Appendix C: 3D Graphing with Gnuplot

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Vector Calculus

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