Top-down Calculus

Written by: S. Gill Williamson (University of California, San Diego)

This online calculus textbook was designed to be used as a first course in differential and integral calculus. Typical students are engineering, science, math and computer science majors. It has been written for those students who will likely be using calculus in their professional lives.

The author borrowed his approach to Calculus from the style of programming known as “Top-Down Programming.” The approach of Top-down Calculus involves getting a conceptual overview of the entire task and then beginning to get deeper and deeper into the details as the code is written.

Chapter Titles from Top-Down Calculus

  1. Linear Functions and Derivatives
  2. Computing Derivatives
  3. Applications of Derivatives
  4. Integrals
  5. Infinite Series

The text also includes a number of math tables, suggestions for additional reading and solutions, partial solutions and hints to exercises.


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Top-down Calculus

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