Free Thesis Repositories & Scholarly Papers Textbooks

When I began compiling The Free Textbook List I knew that the materials here could be used by students who were looking for materials to plagiarize. Thesis repositories and scholarly papers would seem one of the most likely avenues for those students. All I can say is if you are considering stealing the work of others, I would remind you that your instructor can find those same materials and will hopefully give you the grade you so rightly deserve.

OK, off the soapbox and on to what matters here. Thesis repositories are a virtual goldmine of information for students. Many colleges and universities welcome the inclusion of well-cited material from a thesis in assigned writing and research assignments. After all, they often contain ground-breaking research that stems from years of intensive study. Use them for inspiration, topic ideas or even a place to find additional resources – the bibliographies are full of materials on the subject.

I remember a somewhat dark corner of a large university library that had a collection of their student’s thesis papers. But, without much more information than the author, date of publication and the title; they offered very little for students who could have learned from them. Today’s students are much more fortunate. The Internet has allowed many of the world’s finest colleges and universities to now make these materials freely available and perhaps more importantly – searchable.

List of Free Thesis Repositories & Scholarly Papers Textbooks

Auburn University’s Electronic Theses & Dissertations

Auburn University has a publicly accessible database of Master’s theses and Ph.D. dissertations. Every thesis or dissertation that was successfully defended since the Fall 2005 semester is offered as a PDF file.

Australian Thesis Repository

The National Library of Australia maintains The Australian thesis repository. Entries link to the schools the students attended at the time of publication.

Edith Cowan University

Thesis repository at Edith Cowan University with thousands of freely accessible research materials.

King’s College Research Portal

The King’s College Research Portal offers a huge index of articles, books, book chapters and conference proceedings. Not all are free but the abstracts are.

MIMS EPrints

The University of Manchester School of Mathematics maintains MIMS EPrints, a thesis repository with complete works and pre-prints from their students.

Technical University of Denmark – Research Information System

Searchable database of PhD dissertations dating back to 2007. Thesis repository maintained by the Technical University of Denmark. Materials are posted in English. Open access for all students and scholars.

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