Thermodynamics and Chemistry

Written by: Howard DeVoe (University of Maryland)

Free PDF chemistry book by Howard DeVoe, Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland. It is designed for a one semester course at either the undergraduate or graduate level. One reviewer said of the first edition, “The author is very good at giving clear, qualitative explanations of thermodynamic concepts…Most thermodynamics textbooks do not present this material as clearly.”

The text includes a number of Appendices including a calculus review, a list of physical constants and answers to selected exercises. It can be viewed as a browser-readable e-book or downloaded as a single PDF file. However, the online version does not include the biographical sketches.

Table of Contents for Thermodynamics and Chemistry Textbook

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Systems and Their Properties

Chapter 3. The First Law

Chapter 4. The Second Law

Chapter 5. Thermodynamic Potentials

Chapter 6. The Third Law and Cryogenics

Chapter 7. Pure Substances in Single Phases

Chapter 8. Phase Transitions and Equilibria of Pure Substances

Chapter 9. Mixtures

Chapter 10. Electrolyte Solutions

Chapter 11. Reactions and Other Chemical Processes

Chapter 12. Equilibrium Conditions in Multicomponent Systems

Chapter 13. The Phase Rule and Phase Diagrams

Chapter 14. Galvanic Cells

Appendix A. Definitions of the SI Base Units

Appendix B. Physical Constants

Appendix C. Symbols for Physical Quantities

Appendix D. Miscellaneous Abbreviations and Symbols

Appendix E. Calculus Review

Appendix F. Mathematical Properties of State Functions

Appendix G. Forces, Energy, and Work

Appendix H. Standard Molar Thermodynamic Properties

Appendix I. Answers to Selected Problems




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Thermodynamics and Chemistry

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