The Tower and The Cloud

Online textbook for educators which explores the role of information technology organizations in higher education and the impact those organizations have on higher education. Educators and IT professionals from around the world contributed to this work.

Table of Contents for The Tower and the Cloud

About the Authors
Higher Education and Information Technology
The Gathering Cloud: Is This the End of the Middle?
A Matter of Mission: Information Technology and the Future of Higher Education
The University in the Networked Economy and Society: Challenges and Opportunities
The Globalization of Higher Education
Growing in Esteem: Positioning the University of Melbourne in the Global Knowledge Economy
Higher Education and the Future of U.S. Competitiveness
The Social Compact of Higher Education and Its Public
Accountability, Demands for Information, and the Role of the Campus IT Organization
IT Governance
E-Research Is a Fad: Scholarship 2.0, Cyberinfrastructure, and IT Governance
Beyond the False Dichotomy of Centralized and Decentralized IT Deployment
From Users to Choosers: The Cloud and the Changing Shape of Enterprise Authority
Open Information, Open Content, Open Source
Cultural and Organizational Drivers of Open Educational Content
Challenges and Opportunities of Open Source in Higher Education
Who Puts the Education into Open Educational Content?
Scholarship in a Cloudy World
The Tower, the Cloud, and Posterity
From the Library to the Laboratory: A New Future for the Science Librarian
Social Networking in Higher Education
Scholarship: The Wave of the Future in the Digital Age
Where Is the New Learning?
Teaching and Learning Unleashed with Web 2.0 and Open Educational Resources
University 2.0
The Tower, the Cloud, and the IT Leader and Workforce

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