The Textbooks of Military Medicine

Written by: The Borden Institute

The Bordon Institute was established to promote excellence in military academic medicine. It is located at Ft. Sam Houston. One of their efforts is maintaining and publishing the Textbooks of Military Medicine. The texts are extensively illustrated and written in an easy-to-follow narrative. New volumes are added on a continual basis.

At the time I last visited the site, it included the following Textbooks of Military Medicine:

  • Medical Consequences of Radiological and Nuclear Weapons
  • Military Quantitative Physiology: Problems and Concepts in Military Operational Medicine
  • Combat and Operational Behavioral Health
  • Care of the Combat Amputee
  • Medical Aspects of Chemical Warfare
  • Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare
  • Recruit Medicine
  • Military Preventative Medicine: Mobilization and Deployment (Volumes I and II)
  • Ophthalmic Care of the Combat Casualty
  • Military Medical Ethics (Volumes 1 and 2)
  • Medical Aspects of Harsh Environments (Volumes 1 and 2)
  • Rehabilitation of the Injured Combatant (Volumes 1 and 2)
  • Medical Aspects of Chemical and Biological Warfare
  • Anesthesia and Perioperative Care of the Combat Casualty
  • War Psychiatry
  • Military Psychiatry: Preparing in Peace for War
  • Military Dermatology
  • Occupational Health: The Soldier and the Industrial Base
  • Conventional Warfare: Ballistic, Blast and Burn Injuries
  • Medical Consequences of Nuclear Warfare

Several of these military medicine textbooks are out of print and are now only available in PDF through this site.

It would seem anyone interested in emergency medicine, working for an organization like Doctors Without Borders or as disaster recovery specialists would also find a number of these textbooks helpful.


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