The Sustainable Business

This business textbook focuses on the original meaning of a sustainable business – one that can grow and survive long-term. It does discuss “going green” and other environmental issues but it is more focused on building a long-term business strategy that includes cost-cutting to increase profits. Author Jonathan T. Scott presents the material in a highly readable style which makes his work useful to all students, not just business majors.

Jonathan T. Scott has been a lecturer, manager and business leader in eight different countries. He is on the faculties of Kozminski University (Warsaw, Poland), Audencia Nantes School of Management (Nantes, France) and Bradford University (Bradford, UK). He also taught at the University of Perugia in Italy. His professional work experience includes turning around three companies. His bio mentioned that he has been recognized “for tripling productivity, reducing costs by up to 40%, and increasing net profits by over 55% at the companies where he worked.”

Table of Contents for The Sustainable Business Textbook

What the Reformer is Up Against
Establishing Sustainability as an Objective
Mapping the Waste Elimination Process
On-Going Measurement and Record Keeping
Taxes and Legislation
The Perils of Green Washing
Service and the Performance Economy
Leasing and the Performance Economy
Cooperative Networking
Lean Thinking
Understanding the Importance of Customers
Managing Change
Putting Together a Team
Building Better Buildings
Saving Water
The Macro Advantages of Micro-Power
The Hidden History of Products
Minimising Packaging
Reuse, Remanufacturing, and Recycling
Sustainable Production Locations
Clean Production
Motors and Pumps
Reducing Waste at Work: Getting Started
End Note
About the Author
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