The Sources of Innovation

His books focus on innovation and where sources of inspiration comes from. Traditional models have innovation coming from manufacturers. Eric Von Hippel, Professor of Technological Innovation in the MIT Sloan School of Management and Professors in MIT’s Engineering Systems Division, believes innovation stems from the combined input of end-users, manufacturers, suppliers and others.

Table of Contents for Sources of Innovation

  1. Overview
  2. Users as Innovators
  3. Variations in the Functional Source of Innovation
  4. The Functional Source of Innovation as an Economic Phenomenon
  5. Testing the Relationship Between the Functional Source of Innovation and Expected Innovation Rents
  6. Cooperation Between Rivals: The Informal Trading of Technical Know-how
  7. Shifting the Functional Source of Innovation
  8. Predicting the Source of Innovation: Lead Users
  9. Epilogue: Applications for Innovation Management

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The Sources of Innovation

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