The Many Faces of Psychological Research in the 21st Century

This free psychology textbook includes 13 chapters written by 17 different leading scholars and educators and was edited by Jane Halonen and Steve Davis. It provides a “broad overview of what research agenda and approaches this new century calls for across many of psychology’s subdisciplines.”

I am not entirely sure if this work will help students directly but it does seem like this would be a great start for someone needing a topic for a psychological research paper.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: The Researcher’s Life
  • Chapter Summaries
  • Chapter 1 Coping and Health
  • Chapter 2 Personality Psychology: Havings, Doings, and Beings in Context
  • Chapter 3 Industrial/Organizational Psychology 2010: A Research Odyssey
  • Chapter 4 The Next Frontier in Neuroscience? Believe It or Not, It’s Physiological Psychology
  • Chapter 5 Cross-Cultural Psychology in the 21st Century
  • Chapter 6 Dr. Jekyll Meets Mr. Hyde: Two Faces of Research on Intelligence and Cognition
  • Chapter 7 Social Psychology: Past, Present, and Some Predictions for the Future
  • Chapter 8 Psychology of Women and Gender in the 21st Century
  • Chapter 9 Sensation and Perception
  • Chapter 10 Trends in Human Development
  • Chapter 11 Psychology and Law, Now and in the Next Century: The Promise of an Emerging Area of Psychology
  • Chapter 12 Psychopathology
  • Chapter 13 Comparative Psychology and Animal Learning
  • About the Editors

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The Many Faces of Psychological Research in the 21st Century

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