The Joy of Visual Perception: A Web Book

Written by: Peter K. Kaiser (York University)

The author of this vision textbook on vision describes his work as non-traditional. Instead of a text supplemented by figures, he has given all of us a book with figures and diagrams supplemented by text. The text is a little fussy to navigate but there is a great deal of information provided. Even better, that information is provided in a writing style that students at all levels can understand. The author’s goal in writing this textbook is for readers to learn about their sense of vision and encourage them to find out more about visual perception. He suggests that his work could be a supplementary text for a curriculum course or a starting point for students doing research papers on vision.

Peter K. Kaiser is a retired York University professor. He is a visual scientist, not a physician. The text contains primarily non-medical related topics on visual perception. He does, however, provide a number of links within the text to related information provided by “medically qualified people.”

Chapter Titles from The Joy of Visual Perception

  1. Introduction & Glossary
  2. Questions for Prof. Kaiser
  3. Fun Things In Vision
  4. Master Diagram of the Eye
  5. Visual Acuity
  6. Visual Sensitivity
  7. Color/Color Vision
  8. Measuring Spectral Sensitivity
  9. Distance Perception
  10. Size Perception
  11. Shape Constancy
  12. Spatial Frequency Adaptation
  13. Adapting to Darkness and Lightness
  14. Motion Perception
  15. Physics of the Visual Stimulus
  16. Fourier analysis; basics
  17. Point & line spread functions
  18. Some Basic Neurophysiology
  19. Phototherapy
  20. Physiological Response To Color
  21. Interesting links
  22. Subject Index
  23. References
  24. Suggested Readings in Visual Perception

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