The Joy of Sanskrit

Written by: McComas Taylor (ANU College of Asia and the Pacific) and Grazia Scotellaro (College of Asia and the Pacific)

I found this interesting etext on an Australian website. The Joy of Sankrit is a textbook designed for university students for a first-year course of 25 weeks. It includes both written text and videos to help students learn the proper pronunciation of the Sanskrit language. The authors promise that by the end of the textbook, you will be able to “conduct coherent conversation on a range of simple topics, you be able to chant accurately twenty-six well-known verses, and you will have a good grasp of all the most common grammatical forms, so that you are ready to begin reading simple narratives.” However, do keep in mind that written exercises and their solutions are not included in this free textbook and must be purchased.

The text is divided into weekly chapters pretty much like any other language textbook. The biggest exception is that each chapter includes numerous audio and video files which makes it possible for this Sanskrit textbook to be used for self-study.


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The Joy of Sanskrit

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