The History of Psychology

Written by: Dr. C. George Boeree (Shippensburg University)

Who better to write The History of Psychology than a psychology professor who also studied linguistics? Dr. C. George Boeree is a retired professor of Psychology at Shippensburg University; he has written about both topics, including a free online textbook on history of psychology.

He goes back to the beginnings of most classical learning – the Ancients – Aristotle, Epicureans, Plato, Eros, Psyche, Socrates and the Stoics. He continues his exploration of the science of psychology explaining the various schools of thought, the influential scholars as well as the social issues each of them strove to explain.

This online text is divided into four major chapters with a number of shorter sections, readings, maps and timelines in each. Additionally, Dr. Boeree has provided study guides for each chapter along with 22 practice quizzes. The text is available in both English and German.

Chapters from The History of Psychology Online Textbook

  1. The Ancients
  2. The Rebirth
  3. The 1800s
  4. The 1900s

The section on the 1900s even includes coverage of computer technology and artificial intelligence.


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The History of Psychology

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