The Fundamentals of Physical Geography

Written by: Michael Pidwirny & Scott Jones (University of British Columbia Okanagan)

The study of physical geography combines aspects from Geography and Earth Science. It is also referred to as geosystems or physiography. This natural science studies the processes and patterns in the natural environment including the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and geosphere.

The Fundamentals of Physical Geography is a free online textbook with over 300 pages and 400 illustrations, photos and animated graphics. It is the work of two professors from the University of British Columbia Okanagan – Dr. Michael Pidwirny & Scott Jones. The text is designed to teach the “connected world” about physical geography. Important terms are hyperlinked to a glossary, there’s links to study guide pages and additional reading within each chapter.

The website also has the beginnings of a second physical geography textbook. Understanding Physical Geography is being written for freshman university students and will contain more information than Fundamentals.

Chapter Titles for The Fundamentals of Physical Geography Textbook

  1. Introduction to Physical Geography
  2. Maps, Remote Sensing, and GIS
  3. The Science of Physical Geography
  4. Introduction to Systems Theory
  5. The Universe, Earth, Natural Spheres, and Gaia
  6. Energy and Matter
  7. Introduction to the Atmosphere
  8. Introduction to the Hydrosphere
  9. Introduction to the Biosphere
  10. Introduction to the Lithosphere

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The Fundamentals of Physical Geography

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