The Ethics of Sustainability

Written by: Charles J. Kibert, Leslie Thiele, Anna Peterson and Martha Monroe

This is one of those textbooks where I had to take a moment and give it some thought what students would most likely be looking for this information. While the obvious choice might be with the other ethics textbooks, it seems more likely that anyone studying green science would be more likely to be discussing the ethics of sustainability.

The Ethics of Sustainability was written by Charles J. Kibert, Leslie Thiele, Anna Peterson and Martha Monroe. It discusses the issues of technology and the potential negative consequences its implementation sometimes produces, even when being used to achieve ecological health, social equity and economic welfare. It is written for natural and social scientists, engineers, architects, builders and other technical professionals. The authors share a number of concrete examples, case studies, moral debates and exercises in the hopes that readers will “gain a nuanced understanding of the ethics of sustainability and develop a set of practical decision skills that may be employed in its pursuit.”

Table of Contents for The Ethics of Sustainability Textbook

I. Foundations for an Ethics of Sustainability
Chapter 1 The Sustainability Framework
Chapter 2 The Technology Challenge
Chapter 3 Making Ethical Decisions
II. The Ethical Principles of Sustainability
Chapter 4 Obligations to Future Generations and the Precautionary Principle
Chapter 5 The Global Community, Social Justice, and the Distributional Principle
Chapter 6 Environmental Ethics: Other Species and the Community of Life
Chapter 7 Sustainable Economics
III. Translating Principles into Practices
Chapter 8 The Process of Decision Making
Chapter 9 Turning Ethical Decisions into Professional Practices
Chapter 10 Personal and Planetary Sustainability

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The Ethics of Sustainability

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