The Complete Works of Charles Dickens

Written by: Charles Dickens

I can remember the students who were taking literature classes. They were the ones who had to buy like 20 different books for a single class or one ginormous and very expensive compilation of classical literature.

Students who are studying the works of Charles Dickens do not have to chase around looking for bound copies of each of his works. The great folks at have the complete works of Charles Dickens. It is an undated compilation with 17 volumes published by the Oxford University Press. The volumes include the original illustrations and a great guide for students – a list of the characters in each of the works.

The Complete Works of Charles Dickens includes:

  1. A tale of two cities. A child’s history of England
  2. The Pickwick papers
  3. Oliver Twist. The uncommercial traveller
  4. Christmas books. Master Humphrey’s clock. The mystery of Edwin Drood
  5. Great expectations. Reprinted pieces
  6. Dombey and son
  7. Nicholas Nickleby
  8. David Copperfield
  9. Christmas stories
  10. Bleak house
  11. Hard times. Hunted down. Holiday romance. George Silverman’s explanation. American notes. Pictures from Italy
  12. Sketches by Boz
  13. Martin Chuzzlewit
  14. The old curiosity shop
  15. Barnaby Rudge
  16. Little Dorrit
  17. Our mutual friend

Despite the title, this compilation is not the complete works of Charles Dickens. However, for less than $5 (at least the last time we checked), you can get Delphi Complete Works of Charles Dickens (Illustrated) as a Kindle book on Amazon. It comes with the original illustrations, all of the collaborative works with other authors, several biographies of Dickens (including one by his daughter Mamie) and essays examining Dickens’ contribution to literature.


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