The Chaos Hypertextbook

Written by: Glen Elert

This free hypertextbook was written by Glen Elert. According to Elert, this online text was written for anyone with an interest in chaos, fractals, non-linear dynamics or mathematics in general. This branch of mathematics dates back to the Nineteenth Century but it wasn’t until computing technology was more widespread that these concepts are more accessible to folks outside of academia. This is truly an advanced math and physics-related textbook aimed for non-mathematicians but it does help to have more than a passing interest in physics and mathematics.

Table of Contents for The Chaos Hypertextbook

0. Prefaces
0.1 What’s New
0.2 About This Book (abstracts)
0.3 Links to This Site
1. Mathematical Experiments
1.1 Iteration
1.2 Bifurcation
1.3 Universality
2. Strange & Complex
2.1 Strange Attractors
2.2 Julia Sets
2.3 Mandelbrot Sets
3. About Dimension
3.1 Euclidean Dimension
3.2 Topological Dimension
3.3 Fractal Dimension
4. Measuring Chaos
4.1 Harmonic Oscillator
4.2 Logistic Equation
4.3 Lyapunov Exponent
4.4 Lyapunov Space
A. Appendices
A.1 Print Resources
A.2 Software Resources
A.3 Internet Resources
A.4 Eye Candy

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