The Basics of NMR

Written by: Dr. Joseph P. Hornak (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Free online textbook on nuclear magnetic resonance or NMR. Information is geared for the novice but with enough depth for advanced students as well. Animations and numerous diagrams are used to explain the topics. Dr. Joseph P. Hornak is a professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology in the Chemistry and Imaging Science Department. He teaches a variety of chemistry courses and is Director of the Magnetic Resonance Laboratory at RIT.

Dr. Hornak includes definitions for 50 terms in the glossary and 65 symbols are included in a list of symbols at the end of the text. The glossary entries are linked to the section of the text where they are discussed.

The Basics of NMR textbook is presented using old-school frame design. It may not be easily viewed by users with smaller display screens.

Table of Contents for The Basics of NMR Textbook

  1. Introduction
  2. The Mathematics of NMR
  3. Spin Physics
  4. NMR Spectroscopy
  5. Fourier Transforms
  6. Pulse Sequences
  7. NMR Hardware
  8. Practical Considerations
  9. Carbon- NMR
  10. -D Techniques
  11. Advanced Spectroscopic Techniques

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The Basics of NMR

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