The Anatomy of Ethical Leadership

Written by: Lyse Langlois

This ethics textbook explores the corporate pursuit of performance and productivity without regard for the consequences. The author, Lyse Langlois, maintains “that an enhanced awareness of the process of ethical decision making in difficult situations will lead to the establishment of practices that encourage productive relationships between co-workers.”

Dr. Langlois is an associate professor in the Department of Industrial Relations at Université Laval. She is a member of the Inter-University Research Centre on Globalization and Work and the Institut d’éthique appliquée.

Chapter 1: Modernity
An Instrumental Rationality
Paradigm Shift: Towards Postmodernity
In Search of an Authentic Rationality
Ethical Demands
Chapter 2: Ethical Leadership: The Anglo-Saxon Understanding
The Concept of Ethics
Ethical Leadership
Nurturing New Social Relationships
The Concept of Human Nature
Decision Making in the Exercise of Leadership
Models of Ethical Decision Making
Chapter 3: The TERA Model: Towards an Ethical, Responsible,
and Authentic Trajectory
Moral Dilemma
Three Fundamental Ethics: Critique, Justice, and Care
The TERA Process: Knowledge—Volition—Action
A Challenging but Necessary Interdependence
A Rising Level of Confidence
Towards Responsible Leadership
An Ethical Culture
Appendix: TERA—A Guide to Developing a Multidimensional
Ethical Conscience
List of References

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