Teaching in the Switched On Classroom

Written by: Kent L. Norman (University of Maryland)

Technology has utterly transformed the way we learn and the way we are taught. Kent L. Norman from the Department of Psychology at the University of Maryland, wrote about the transition from a traditional classroom to an electronic one. Norman was not the first professor at his university to teach in the AT&T Teaching Theater that had been built in 1989.

Norman lamented that the other faculty members were abandoning traditional teaching methods once they began incorporating technology into their presentations. Norman felt the traditional tools of college courses (syllabi, lecture notes, exams, class rosters, etc.) still had a place, or were perhaps even required.

This 1997 text explores his methodology and examines how he used those early “switched on classrooms” and planned on using the newer technologies that allowed for distance learning, collaborative video seminars and using the Internet.

Chapter Titles from Teaching in the Switched on Classroom

  1. The Vision
  2. The Implementation
  3. The Integration
  4. Application and Practical Steps

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Teaching in the Switched On Classroom

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