Teaching in the Switched On Classroom

Written by: Kent L. Norman (University of Maryland)

I have gone ahead and included this free education textbook in The Free Textbook List despite its age. Discussions about technology in the classroom have evolved from when this textbook was last updated in 1997. At that time, educators did not have to compete with Facebook, Youtube, and all other sorts of digital distractions in their classrooms. In 1997, there were already quite a number of learning materials online, but for the most part, it was still something of an oddity to have an online classroom. Despite predating much of what today’s educators must deal with, and while I cannot say that I have read it from cover to cover; I think it still has merit within the conversation about utilizing technology in the classroom as a teaching tool.

The author is Kent L. Norman from the University of Maryland. He is a member of the Department of Psycholog and the Human/Computer Interaction Laboratory. Kent is most well-known for his work on cyberpsychology and he has generously also offered his text on that subject freely online.

Table of Contents for The Switched-On Classroom

PART I: The Vision
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Electronic Classroom
Chapter 2: Mitigating Forces: Early Failures and Misconceptions
Chapter 3: Compelling Developments: New Technologies and New Hopes
PART II: The Implementation
Chapter 4: Classroom Infrastructure: Computer Bricks and Software Mortar
Chapter 5: Rehosting Education in the Electronic Media
Chapter 6: HyperCourseware Overview
PART III: The Integration
Chapter 7: Interactive Lectures: Presentation Tools and Techniques
Chapter 8: Interactive Discussion: Group Tools and Collaboration
Chapter 9: Individualized Instruction: Tutorials and Agents
Chapter 10: Tests, Grades, and New Criteria for Education
Chapter 11: Classroom Management Tools
PART IV: Application and Practical Steps
Chapter 12: Lasting Products: Artifacts and Evaluation
Chapter 13: Across the Disciplines and Up and Down the Levels
Chapter 14: Transitioning the Faculty: An Incremental Approach
Chapter 15: Beyond the Classroom: Virtual, Video, & the World Wide Web
Chapter 16: Rethinking the Educational Process/Environment

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Teaching in the Switched On Classroom

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