Teach Astronomy

Written by: Dr. Chris Impey (The University of Arizona)

Maintained by the author, students and computing professionals, Teach Astronomy is part website and part free online astronomy textbook. The author is Dr. Chris Impey – Distinguished Professor of Astronomy at The University of Arizona. He leads the nation’s largest undergraduate astronomy majors program, the 2nd largest astronomy PhD program and one of the largest programs teaching astronomy to non-science majors.

One of my favorite parts of Astropedia Textbook: Universe Revealed is the effective use of web programming. Instead of sending students off to a glossary to find the definitions of key terms, students simply have to hover their mouse over the highlighted terms to see their definition. The textbook is intended for all audiences and carries no prerequisites.

Chapters in Astropedia Textbook: Universe Revealed

  1. How Science Works
  2. The First Discoveries About Earth and Sky
  3. The Copernican Revolution
  4. Matter and Energy in the Universe
  5. The Earth-Moon System
  6. The Terrestrial Planets
  7. The Giant Planets and Their Moons
  8. Interplanetary Bodies
  9. How Planetary Systems Form
  10. Detecting Radiation from Space
  11. Our Sun: The Nearest Star
  12. Properties of Stars
  13. Star Birth and Death
  14. The Milky Way
  15. Galaxies
  16. The Expanding Universe
  17. Cosmology

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Teach Astronomy

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