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They don’t share a great deal about the who, why and how of this free online statistics textbook. Normally, that would make me question including it here on The Free Textbook List. However, what we do know is that this is a collaborative online textbook from The Australian National University. I suspect this text is the work of a number of students and educators and is high quality reference for students. It includes online quizzes to help reinforce topics presented.

Table of Contents for SurfStat Online Statistics Textbook

Summarising And Presenting Data
Types Of Variable
Presenting Discrete Data
Presenting Continuous Data
Characteristics Of A Distribution
Measures Of Central Tendency (“Averages”)
Measures Of Variability
Normal Distributions
Presenting Data For Two Continuous Measurements
Exploring Data In Tables
Producing Data
Principles Of Study Design
Variation And Probability
Independence And Tree Models For Calculating Probabilities
Conditional Probability
Bayes’ Theorem
Random Variables
Discrete Distributions
Expected Value And Variance Of A Random Variable
Continuous Random Variables
Normal Distribution
Normal Approximation To The Binomial Distribution
Statistical Inference
Populations, Samples, Estimates And Repeated Sampling
Point Estimation And Interval Estimation
Results From Probability Theory
One Continuous Variable
Comparing Means Of Two Continuous Variables
Inference For Count Data
More On Correlation And Regression
Statistical Control Charts

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