Statistics at Square One

Written by: T D V Swinscow and revised by M. J. Campbell from the University of Southampton

There are two newer versions of this statistics textbook but this 1997 edition appears to be the only one that students can currently access for free. It is offered on the website of the magazine once known as the British Medical Journal.

When M.J. Campbell first set out to rewrite T.D.V. Swinscow’s Statistics at Square One, he wanted to stay as true as possible to the 1976 original. Campbell added new examples which utilize real data and incorporated material that takes advantage of our modern-day accessibility to computers.

Campbell does suggest that students become familiar with statistical programs but suggests that a good-quality scientific calculator is a minimum investment that students should make. But students wishing to pursue medical research as a career will most likely come to heavily rely upon software to perform their calculations.

Table of Contents for 9th Edition of Statistics at Square One

  1. Data display and summary
  2. Mean and standard deviation
  3. Populations and samples
  4. Statements of probability and confidence intervals
  5. Differences between means: type I and type II errors and power
  6. Differences between percentages and paired alternatives
  7. The t tests
  8. The chi-squared tests
  9. Exact probability test
  10. Rank score tests
  11. Correlation and regression
  12. Survival analysis
  13. Study design and choosing a statistical test

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Statistics at Square One

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