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The website, Soil and Health was initially launched in 1997 by Steve Solomon. It is now managed by The Soil and Health Library, Inc. with continuing contributions by Solomon. The goal of the library is to assist people studying health, nutrition, holistic agriculture and related areas.

You will be asked to agree that you will respect the copyrights of the authors before you can proceed to viewing any of the site’s libraries. The site exists because Australian copyright law allows libraries to supply a copy of an entire, out of print book for the purposes of study. I suspect some of the titles are old enough to appear on and other public domain websites but some of the material here may not be available elsewhere. I also suspect that many of the older agricultural texts have more sustainable and healthier ways of doing things than their more modern counterparts.

I have not gone through the process, but, some of the more modern works ask for readers to formally request a reproduction of the material. You fill in a form that includes your legal name and an email address. Within 30-60 seconds they will supply a copy of the material for your research and study. Older pieces, perhaps those out of copyright as well as out of print, do not require this formality.

Most materials are in English but I did see a number of texts in German.

Subject Areas of the Soil and Health Library

  • Radical Agriculture
  • The Restoration and Maintenance of Health
  • Achieving Personal Sovereignty
  • Achieving Spiritual Freedom

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