Seeing Statistics

Written by: Gary McClelland (University of Colorado at Boulder)

I have always said that math can be fun. Gary McClelland feels the same way about statistics. When you first visit his website on online textbook Seeing Statistics he shares what he hopes to share with students:

  • The important principles of statistics are remarkably easy if they can be seen.
  • Active involvement of the student facilitates learning.
  • Statistics can be fun!

This innovative textbook offers students graphs and figures that are dynamic and can be changed. Unfortunately, the textbook triggered my security settings for Javascript. You might have to ‘whitelist’ or otherwise make an exception to properly view this text.

Table of Contents for Seeing Statistics

  1. Data & Comparisons
  2. Seeing Data
  3. Describing the Center
  4. Describing the Spread
  5. Seeing Data, Again
  6. Probability
  7. Normal Distribution
  8. Inference & Confidence
  9. One-Sample Comparisons
  10. Two-Sample Comparisons
  11. Multi-Group Comparisons*
  12. Correlation & Regression
  13. Categorical Data*
  14. Nonparametrics & Transformations*
  15. Gallery

Note: Starred chapters will not be available until release 2.0.


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Seeing Statistics

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