Relativistic Quantum Dynamics

Written by: Eugene V. Steganovich

Eugene V. Steganovich is one of those educators who can share a vast work experience with his students. He has a Ph.D degree in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Latvia and over 16 years professional experience with Synopsys, Inc.

Please forgive me as this is way above my head so I have quoted a bit liberally from Stefanovich’s website to provide this brief explanation of his textbook…

“Unification of quantum mechanics and the principle of relativity was one of the most desired goals in theoretical physics of the 20th century.” His online textbook explains a “new relativistic quantum theory of charged particles and their interactions,” which is called “Relativistic quantum dynamics” or RQD.

This is a truly living textbook as it has been updated 17 times since it was first published in 2005. When I added it to the Free Textbook List, the last update had been posted on 16 February 2015.

Table of Contents from Relativistic Quantum Dynamics

      1. Quantum Mechanics
      2. Poincaré Group
      3. Quantum Mechanics and Relativity
      4. Operators of Observables
      5. Single Particles
      6. Interaction
      7. Scattering
      8. Fock Space
      9. Quantum Eletrodynamics
      10. Renormalization
      11. Dressed Particle Approach
      12. Coulomb Potential and Beyond
      13. Decays
      14. RQD in Higher Orders
      15. Classical Electrodynamics
      16. Experimental Support for RQD
      17. Particles and Relativity
      18. Conclusions

The text also has a substantial set of mathematical appendices which include:

      • Groups and vector spaces
      • Delta function and useful integrals
      • Some lemmas for orthocomplemented lattices
      • Rotation Group
      • Lie groups and Lie algebras
      • Hilbert space
      • Subspaces and projection operators
      • Representations of groups
      • Special relativity
      • Quantum fields for fermions
      • Quantum field for photons
      • QED interaction in terms of particle operators
      • Loop integrals in QED
      • Relativistic invariance of RQD
      • Dimensionality checks

NOTE: Remnants of a personal website for Steganovish can be found here – Oddly enough, the link to his own textbook no longer works but the links to his 6 articles on this topic appear to be functional.


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