Free Social Psychology Textbooks

Social psychology is the study of social interactions. It endeavors to understand how the attitudes, motivations and personalities of people are influenced when we are around others. The social interactions may be true encounters, totally imagined or simply implied by the presence of others. As could be expected, social psychologists from different parts of the world approach their studies differently. For example, Americans focus on the individual; Europeans are generally more focussed on the group.

The Open Textbook Revolution now offers university students access to high-quality textbooks offer a wide-variety of theories. Social psychology students are fortunate that they can study multiple theories on the predictors of behavior through their own assigned textbook or one of the ones being written and made freely available on the Internet.

List of Free Social Psychology Textbooks

Mind, Brain and Adaptation

Written by: Dr. Robert M. Young

Overview of the free, online social psychology textbook by Dr. Robert Young with chapter headings, a brief description of the text and where to find it.

Principles of Social Psychology

Written by: Dr. Charles Stangor (University of Maryland) with updates from Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani (Kwantien Polytechnic University) and Dr. Hammond Tarry (Capilano University)

Textbook on social psychology written by Dr. Charles Stangor and updated by Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani and Dr. Hammond Tarry in 2014. Variety of formats available.

Social Psychology Basics

Written by: Dr. C. George Boeree

Dr. George Boeree, retired professor from Shippensburg University invites us all to explore his free online social psychology textbook.

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