Free Cyberpsychology Textbooks

As the name implies, cyberpsychology pairs the study of psychology and how we interact with technology. Much of the research is focussed on the Internet – social media and other online relationships. It also studies the effects of cyborgs, artificial intelligence and virtual reality on human behavior and personal interactions.

Cyberpsychology is a fairly new field of study. Yet, perhaps due to the strong ties to the technological fields, there are a number of free online cyberpsychology textbooks available to students.

List of Free Cyberpsychology Textbooks

Mind, Body, World; Foundations of Cognitive Science

Written by: Michael R.W. Dawson (University of Alberta)

Mind, Body, World: Foundations of Cognitive Science textbook; a work by Micheal R. W. Dawson. He explores the three different schools of cognitive science and attempts to present the ‘big picture’ in his search for unification on the subject.

Teaching in the Switched On Classroom

Written by: Kent L. Norman (University of Maryland)

Teaching in the Switched on Classroom is a free online cyberpsychology textbook exploring the early days of utilizing technology in classrooms.

The Psychology of Cyberspace

Written by: John Suler, Ph.D. (Rider University)

Online textbook, thankfully saved by, might be the original work on cybersychology. The Pyschology of Cyberspace spans 10 years of the early web.

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