Free Behavioral Neuroscience Textbooks

Behavioral Neuroscience studies the impact the biology of our brains has on behavior and thought. There seems to be a bit of disagreement as to what this field of study should be called. It is known as biological psychology, biopsychology, psychobiology and behavioral neuroscience.

At the undergraduate level, this field of study often involves more laboratory work and some universities award a Bachelors of Science (BS) degree to students majoring in behavioral neuroscience. Students are likely to work with mice, rats, monkeys, humans and other animals species thought to be similar enough to humans to permit extrapolations across species. Other fields conducting similar research include: evolutionary biology, neurobiology, comparative psychology and evolutionary psychology.

Behavioral neuroscience is a field where it is generally required to have advanced degrees to obtain something more than an entry-level position. One university warned students that the subject is more challenging than other topics in psychology and students should consult with their advisors before choosing to major in behavioral neuroscience.

If you have answered that challenge but need a bit of help with your studies, The Free Textbook List will hopefully have behavioral neuroscience textbooks that can help. The best part of online materials in this field is that they can easily be updated and are more likely to contain current information than their pre-printed counterparts.

List of Free Behavioral Neuroscience Textbooks

Principles of Behavioral Pharmacology

Written by: C. Robin Timmons (Drew University) and Leonard W. Hamilton (Rutgers University)

Previously published as Principles of Behavioral Pharmacology this online textbook is being offered by its authors as Drugs, Brains and Behavior.

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