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Psychology is one of those courses that are required by pretty much every university as part of a liberal arts curriculum. Whether you intend to make the field your life’s work or are just fulfilling a general studies requirement, you should not have to spend a king’s ransom for your textbooks or supplementary learning materials.

Ironically, a field not generally associated with computing is one that is truly embracing the open and online textbook initiatives. The Free Textbook List hopes to provide you with a list of free online psychology textbooks that will help you succeed in your classes. Yes, many of the leading experts in the field have placed their psychology textbooks online to be freely accessed by their students and other psychology students around the world.

Statistics & The Study of Psychology

Psychology is one of those fields that relies heavily upon mathematics, in particular, the study of statistics. Rather than split the statistics textbooks into those for psychology students from the books written for other students, they are all together in the mathematics section of the lists. Keep in mind, many of the books listed here in the psychology section also provide a great deal of information on using statistical methods.


  • Behavioral Neuroscience (1)
  • Cyberpsychology (3)
  • Personality Psychology (4)
  • Social Psychology (3)

  • List of Free Psychology Textbooks

    Changing Choices: Psychological Relativity Theory

    This psychology textbook could be useful for behavioral, economic and social science students wishing to study psychological relativity theory.

    Laughing, a psychology of humor

    Written by: Norman Norwood Holland

    A free online textbook on the psychology of humor by someone who could easily be described as a Renaissance Man – Norman Norwood Holland.

    Mind, Body, World; Foundations of Cognitive Science

    Written by: Michael R.W. Dawson (University of Alberta)

    Mind, Body, World: Foundations of Cognitive Science textbook; a work by Micheal R. W. Dawson. He explores the three different schools of cognitive science and attempts to present the ‘big picture’ in his search for unification on the subject.

    On Becoming a Person

    Written by: Carl R. Rogers

    Where to find a complete, online copy of On Becoming a Person: A Therapist’s View of Psychotherapy. This work by Carl R. Rogers is from 1961 and includes a number of his writings from a ten year period. It was designed for academia, professionals and layman.

    Party-Directed Mediation: Helping Others Resolve Differences

    Written by: Gregorio Billikopf

    A textbook on party-directed mediation for mediators, facilitators and helping professionals who assist in resolving deep-seated interpersonal conflict.

    Psychology: An Introduction

    Written by: Russ Dewey

    Dr. Russ Dewey encourages students reading his introduction to psychology textbook to read and enjoy reading to learn rather than simply memorizing.

    Psychology: Themes and Variations

    Written by: Wayne Weiten (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

    Looking for Psychology: Themes and Variations? The 10th edition isn’t free online, but there are free online resources for the 8th and 9th that can help.

    Research Methods Knowledge Base

    Written by: William M.K. Trochim (Cornell University)

    Free online knowledgebase being offered by Cornell professor William M.K. Trochim where students can study research methods. A practical guide or roadmap.

    Seminars in Old Age Psychiatry

    Written by: Faculty of the Psychiatry of Old Age at The Royal College of Psychiatrists

    Series of texts for junior doctors from The Royal College of Psychiatrists and the Faculty of the Psychiatry of Old Age. Designed for training purposes and MRCPsych exam prep.

    The History of Psychology

    Written by: Dr. C. George Boeree (Shippensburg University)

    The History of Psychology is a comprehensive online textbook which covers the historical and philosophical background of psychology.

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