Principles of Semiconductor Devices

Written by: Bart Van Zeghbroeck (University of Colorado at Boulder)

This free online engineering textbook was written by Bart Van Zeghbroeck of the University of Colorado at Boulder. I’ll leave it to professor Van Zeghbroeck to explain the goals of his text – “to explore the internal behavior of semiconductor devices, so that we can understand the relation between the device geometry and material parameters on one hand and the resulting electrical characteristics on the other hand . . . This text provides the link between the physics of semiconductors and the design of electronic circuits.” Students would need to be familiar with the materials covered in this text to successfully design their own CMOS-based integrated circuits.

At one time, Harvard students taking Engineering Science 154 (Electronic Devices and Circuits) were pointed to this textbook/collection of lecture notes as a resource. Students taking that class were told they should be familiar with differential equations, Fourier analysis and electric charges and fields.

Table of Contents for Principles of Semiconductor Devices Textbook

Chapter 1: Review of Modern Physics
Chapter 2: Semiconductor fundamentals
Chapter 3: Metal-Semiconductor Junctions
Chapter 4: p-n Junctions
Chapter 5: Bipolar Junction Transistors
Chapter 6: Metal-Oxide-Silicon Capacitors
Chapter 7: MOS Field Effect Transistors

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Principles of Semiconductor Devices

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