Principles Of Accounting

Written by: Larry Walther (Utah State University)

The author of this free online accounting textbook has a few lofty goals. He wants to become the “globally dominant source of material for introductory accounting education” and to “make life-changing education accessible to more people through the reduction and elimination of traditional costs.” I am not qualified to judge his first goal but it would seem that all of the authors featured here on The Free Textbook List are changing education forever by making it more accessible and affordable.

Larry Walther, Ph.D., CPA, CMA, is Professor and Head of the School of Accountancy at Utah State University. He has also served as director and/or consultant to both public and private companies and has experience with the auditing firm of Ernst & Young. His Principles of Accounting textbook includes interactive components to aid the learning process. Access is free online or you can purchase a hard copy of the complete text or a downloadable PDF.

Table of Contents from Principles of Accounting

Accounting Cycle
Welcome to the World of Accounting
Information Processing
Income Measurement
The Reporting Cycle
Current Assets
Special Issues for Merchants
Cash and Highly-Liquid Investments
Accounts Receivable
Long-term Assets
Long-term Investments
Property, Plant, and Equipment
Advanced PP&E Issues / Natural Resources / Intangibles
Liabilities and Equities
Current Liabilities and Employer Obligations
Long-term Obligations
Corporate Equity Accounting
Using Information
Financial Reporting and Concepts
Financial Analysis and the Statement of Cash Flows
Managerial / Cost
Introduction to Managerial Accounting
Cost – Volume – Profit and Business Scalability
Job Costing and Modern Cost Management Systems
Budgeting / Decisions
Budgeting & Planning for Success
Tools for Enterprise Performance Evaluation
Reporting to Support Managerial Decisions
Analytics for Managerial Decision Making

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