Written by: David H. Collingwood and K. David Prince of the University of Washington

Oddly enough, students who where succeeding in their university’s precalculus course did not always do well in their calculus courses. Two mathematics professors at the University of Washington decided to ensure that their calculus students were properly prepared. They wrote their own text, with the straightforward title of Precalculus. David H. Collingwood and K. David Prince have been using that textbook for their courses since 2003.

The last time I visited their site, their free online precalculus textbook was showing a copyright date of September 2, 2010.

Chapter Titles in Precalculus Online Textbook

  1. Warming Up
  2. Imposing Coordinates
  3. Three Simple Curves
  4. Linear Modeling
  5. Functions and Graphs
  6. Graphical Analysis
  7. Quadratic Modeling
  8. Composition
  9. Inverse Functions
  10. Exponential Functions
  11. Exponential Modeling
  12. Logarithmic Functions
  13. Three Construction Tools
  14. Rational Functions
  15. Measuring and Angle
  16. Measuring Circular Motion
  17. The Circular Functions
  18. Trigonometric Functions
  19. Sinusoidal Functions
  20. Inverse Circular Functions

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