Free Thermodynamics Textbooks

Thermodynamics is the physical science that studies outcomes of fluctuations in pressure, temperature and volume on material bodies at a scale which can be observed or measured without mechanical assistance through measuring and analyzing the collective motion of their particles. Free online thermodynamics textbooks are used primarily by students studying physics but some place Chemical Thermodynamics topics under a chemistry curriculum. Here on The Free Textbook List they will be listed together here in one convenient place. Additional related branches include Classical Thermodynamics, Statistical Thermodynamics and Equilibrium Thermodynamics.

Students of thermodynamics will need good laboratory skills as well as a strong mathematical background.

List of Free Thermodynamics Textbooks

Statistical and Thermal Physics

Written by: H. Gould and J. Tobochnik

A group of educators have built an entire learning environment for the free online Statistical and Thermal Physics textbook by H. Gould and J. Tobochnik.

The Basics of MRI

Written by: Dr. Joseph P. Hornak (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Textbook on The Basics of MRI for students and anyone facing an MRI exam. Material is slightly dated but offers clear explanations for students and patients.

The Basics of NMR

Written by: Dr. Joseph P. Hornak (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Offered freely online by J.P. Hornak. His The Basics of NMR textbook is written for the novice but should also provide material for advanced students.

Thermodynamics and Chemistry

Written by: Howard DeVoe (University of Maryland)

Available online and as a downloadable PDF the Thermodynamics and Chemistry Textbook by Howard DeVoe was designed for graduate and undergraduate students.

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