Free Geology Textbooks

If you want to study the history of the Earth, you should look to the field of Geology. Geologists study the Earth itself, the matter from which it is formed and how that matter can change. By studying plate tectonics, fossil remains and past climates, we can gain insights into the history of our planet.

Geologists are the scientists who develop flood maps, make earthquake and volcanic eruption predictions and find fossil fuels. Geology is one of those fields where students may need to obtain an education beyond a bachelor’s degree to advance within the field.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in geology will often require taking classes in geology, hydrology, sedimentation, chemistry, physics, oceanography and statistics.

Here on The Free Textbook List you will find a selection of geology textbooks that some of you may be using as the assigned text or alternative materials that can supplement your current textbook.

List of Free Geology Textbooks

Physical Geology

Written by: Steven Earle (Thompson Rivers University)

Comprehensive, introductory Physical Geology textbook. A collaborative effort in 2014 created this resource for all students and with a strong emphasis on western Canada.

The Petrology of Sedimentary Rocks

Written by: R.L. Folk (University of Texas at Austin)

Historical and out of print sedimentary petrology textbook written by R.L. Folk (University of Texas at Austin).

Virtual Geomorphology

Written by: Zhigniew Zwolinski (Adam Mickiewicz University)

Educational website with articles from scholars around the world in English and Polish. Virtual Geomorphology hopes to grow into a virtual geomorphology textbook.

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