Free Quantum Chemistry Textbooks

Graduate and advanced undergraduate chemistry majors are fortunate that there are so many free online quantum chemistry textbooks to choose from. Who knew? Even if your professor has not adopted one of these texts for your class, I have little doubt they can offer struggling students assistance with their studies.

Quantum chemistry is a subspecialty under the subject of theoretical chemistry. It is the application of quantum mechanics for explaining and predicting chemical behaviors. Much of the field of study centers around the “Schrödinger equation for determining the energy levels of molecules and the molecules’ properties such as conductance, charge distribution, and reactivity”

List of Free Quantum Chemistry Textbooks

A Brief Review of Elementary Quantum Chemistry

Written by: C. David Sherrill (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Online quantum chemistry textbook by C. David Sherrill from Georgia Tech. Material suitable for undergraduate and post-graduate college students.

A Mathematical and computation review of Hartree-Fock SCF methods in Quantum Chemistry

Written by: Pablo Echenique and J.L. Alonso

Introductory online quantum chemistry textbook providing an interdisciplinary review of the Hartree-Fock theory and Roothaan-Hall equations

An Introduction to Configuration Interaction Theory

Written by: C. David Sherrill (Georgia Institute of Technology)

C. David Sherrill from the GA Tech is offering this free online quantum chemistry textbook on configuration interaction theory free to students everywhere.

Nature of the Chemical Bond

Written by: William A. Goddard III (California Institute of Technology)

Free online Quantum Chemistry textbook on the structure and reactivity of molecules using quantum mechanical ideas. From Cal Tech and William A. Goddard III.

Quantum Chemistry

Written by: S.M. Blinder (University of Michigan)

Online textbook, course syllabus and exam questions, with answers, for University of Michigan Quantum Chemistry course by Professor S.M. Blinder in 2002.

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