Free Organic Chemistry Textbooks

Organic chemistry students study the structure, composition, properties, reactions, and preparation of carbon-based compounds, hydrocarbons and their derivatives. Originally, organic chemistry only studied organic/carbon-based compounds. The field has been expanded to include a number of man-made compounds such as plastics.

Students should have succeeded in a year-long college-level chemistry course.

Organic chemists may work with cosmetics, explosives, food, paints, petrochemicals and/or pharmaceuticals.

Oh how I wish there was something like the Internet and the Free Online Textbook List when I was studying Organic Chemistry. It was the hardest course during my college career and the one in which I received the lowest grade. Having access to additional materials may have led to a far different outcome. Hopefully, my endeavors here will prevent other students from having a similar experience.

List of Free Organic Chemistry Textbooks

Introduction to Spectroscopy

Written by: William Reusch (Michigan State University)

With the help of computer animations and a written text, Professor Emeritus William Reusch of Michigan University explains the fundamentals of spectroscopy.

Notes on Molecular Orbital Calculations

Written by: John D. Roberts

The primary focus of the text is to teach students how to use the linear combination of atomic orbitals (LCAO) method.

Organic Chemistry: Methane to Macromolecules

Written by: John D. Roberts, Marjorie C. Caserio and Stewart Ross

An organic chemistry book by John D. Roberts and Marjorie C. Caserio, along with Stewart Ross. Highly detailed. Great for students needing extra help.

Understanding NMR Spectroscopy

Written by: James Keeler (University of Cambridge)

Free online NMR Spectroscopy textbook by Dr. James Keeler from the University of Cambridge. For graduate students who are already familiar with using NMR.

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