Free Forensic Chemistry Textbooks

I doubt anyone who watches television does not already have a basic understanding of forensic chemistry – at least some of the practical applications of the field. Whether on film or in real life, forensic chemists are generally employed by law enforcement agencies and therefore must be versed in law and order. With that in mind, I’ve included among the more traditional textbooks in this section of The Free Textbook List a link to a procedural handbook used by the FBI in its forensic labs.

Forensic chemistry has become cool and it is attracting students in record numbers. It is made to look easy on television and in the movies but years of training and education are required. Students, who may need a little help completing their studies, will hopefully find some useful resources among the online forensic chemistry textbooks listed here.

List of Free Forensic Chemistry Textbooks

Forensic Chemistry Laboratory Manual

Written by: R. Q. Thompson (Oberlin College)

The Forensic Chemistry Laboratory Manual offers several forensic chemistry experiments. Designed for faculty but would work well for self-study students.

Handbook of Forensic Services

Written by: Federal Bureau of Investigation

The FBI Handbook of Forensic Services provides guidelines on evidence gathering, packaging and evaluation. Also includes a crime scene safety section.

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