Free Advanced Topics Textbooks

My studies in the field of chemistry came to an abrupt halt with an organic chemistry class. Since most textbooks are written for students qualified to use them, there are times where I simply have no idea where to file them. In other cases, if I can only find one online work on a topic, I will also include it here.

Students of today are so fortunate that so many academics and scholars are sharing their knowledge so freely. Hopefully these books can be used as additional study materials for students to better understand the topics being studied in their universities. They would also seem helpful to returning students or anyone else needing a bit of a refresher course in advanced chemistry topics.

List of Free Advanced Topics Textbooks

An Introduction to Surface Chemistry

Written by: Roger M. Nix (Queen Mary, University of London)

An Introduction to Surface Chemistry by Dr. Roger M. Nix of the School of Biological & Chemical Sciences at Queen Mary, University of London.

Atmospheric Chemistry

Written by: Daniel J. Jacob (Harvard University)

Course materials from a one-semester undergraduate course at Harvard in Atmospheric Chemistry. Available freely online and as a PDF download.

Basis Set Exchange

The Basis Set Exchange appears to be a tool for theoretical and computational chemistry students and professionals.

Chemical Transport Models

Written by: Daniel J. Jacob (Harvard University)

Atmospheric Chemistry Professor Daniel J. Jacob of Harvard University offers his graduate level Chemical Transport Models textbook online for all students.

ICP Operations, a Guide for new ICP Users

Written by: Paul Gaines (Senior Chemist and CEO of Inorganic Ventures)

Free online ICP operations guide for anyone “operating and preparing samples and standards for measurement using ICP.” Written by Dr. Paul Gaines.

Ligand Substitution Processes

Written by: Cooper H. Langford and Harry B. Gray

Textbook written by Cooper H. Landford (Amherst College) and Harry B. Gray (Columbia University) on ligand substitution processes.

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