Free Chemistry Textbooks

Whether you are a high school student taking your first chemistry class or a Ph.D. candidate working on your thesis, there is more than likely information that may prove helpful to you within one of the free online chemistry books I’ve shared here.

Chemistry is one of those topics where a few extra words of explanation can translate into a whole new level of understanding. It is my hope that students will find assistance from my Free Textbook List. Many of the world’s top scholars and educators are generously offering their knowledge for free. This site strives to help you find that knowledge and utilize it in your own studies.


  • Advanced Topics (6)
  • Analytical Chemistry (6)
  • Forensic Chemistry (2)
  • Organic Chemistry (4)
  • Theoretical Chemistry (6)

  • List of Free Chemistry Textbooks

    An Introduction to Chemistry

    Written by:

    Author Mark Bishop taught general chemistry for 30+ years. He has rearranged the standard presentation of topics to one that should be easier for students to grasp.

    Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table

    Written by: Stephen Lower (Simon Fraser University)

    Another great resource for chemistry students from Stephen Lower. Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table is 6 chapters full of information for students.

    chem1 virtual textbook

    Written by: Stephen Lower (Simon Fraser University)

    This chem1 virtual textbook from retired Chemistry professor Stephen Lower. Created in pieces to supplement and replace traditional textbooks.

    Chemical Principles. Third Edition

    Written by: Richard E Dickerson, Harry B. Gray and Gilbert P. Haight

    Written by Richard Dickerson, Harry Gray and Gilbert Haight; this chemistry textbook builds a baseline for science majors or those students needing science credits.

    Chemistry: The Awesomest Science

    Written by: Ian Guch

    Not a traditional science text. In Chemistry: the Awesomest Science, Ian Guch uses plain English and his sarcastic wit to educate and entertain.

    Concept Development Studies in Chemistry

    Written by: John S. Hutchinson (Rice University)

    A unique approach; Concept Development Studies in Chemistry leads students to discover new concepts instead of presenting everything as established facts.

    Introductory Chemistry

    Written by: David W. Ball (Cleveland State University) and Jessie A. Key (Vancouver Island University)

    Adaptation of David W. Ball’s Introductory Chemistry textbook by Jessie A. Key. Key added a great deal of material and a glossary.

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