Free Physical Sciences Textbooks

With new theories and advancements coming almost daily, it would seem that traditional textbooks dedicated to science are often out of date before the ink is even dry. Add to that the fact that they are often among the most expensive books in any university bookstore and you have the perfect recipe for scholars and educators to move towards living, online textbooks.

When you also consider that so much scientific method relies upon computing, web-based textbooks seems like the perfect solution to offering science students the most current information.

I could never hope to share with you every online science textbook or learning material here on The Free Textbook List. But, I will try to share with you as many as I can. I will be limiting the selections to materials that the authors themselves label as textbooks.

As this section of the List grows, I will be dividing the texts into their specific sub-specialties. I started my academic career as a Chemistry major but switched to Computer Science as a sophomore. I ask your indulgence if I file anything incorrectly. (Please let me know if I have misfiled or otherwise mis-identified something and I will make the appropriate corrections.)


  • Astronomy & Cosmology (7)
  • Chemistry (31)
  • Geology (3)
  • Physics (23)
  • Thermodynamics (4)

  • List of Free Physical Sciences Textbooks

    Classical Mechanics: a Critical Introduction

    Written by: Michael Cohen, Professor Emeritus Department of Physics and Astronomy University of Pennsylvania

    Free online classical mechanics textbook by Michael Cohen entitled Classical Mechanics: a Critical Introduction. Designed by the author to read like a tutor explaining concepts one-on-one to a student.

    Physical Science: A Smorgasbord of Knowledge

    Written by: Ian Guch

    Physical Science: A Smorgasbord of Knowledge; proof learning can be fun for middleschoolers and others needing an introduction to the physical sciences.

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