PHYSCLIPS: Volume II: Waves and Sound

Written by: Joe Wolfe (University of New South Wales)

This is what an online textbook could and should look like. Videos, animations and other visual materials accompany the text to aid students in gaining a greater understanding of the material being presented. It also offers educators a wonderful resource for finding learning aids. Where else will you see a wind-up monkey playing the drums used to explain the concept of waves and sound? Or how about utilizing the stadium wave to explain traveling waves, wave speed and particle speed?

Waves and Sound is the second of three volumes created by Joe Wolfe of the University of New South Wales. Wolfe specializes in the physics of music and speech and cellular biophysics. He also composes music and has composed some of the music used on PHYSCLIPS.

The volumes are designed for a senior high school or introductory university-level course in physics.

Wolfe provides additional help to students through an active forum. A quick look at the forum showed a number of students asking questions and getting answers directly from Wolfe. It also appears that anyone can join the forums, not just his students.

Section Titles of the PHYSCLIPS: Waves & Sound Online Physics Resource

  1. Oscillations
  2. Travelling Waves I
  3. Travelling Waves II
  4. Sound
  5. The Doppler Effect
  6. Quantifying Sound
  7. Interference, Consonance
  8. Standing Waves
  9. Human Sound

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PHYSCLIPS: Volume II: Waves and Sound

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