PHYSCLIPS: Volume 3: Light

Written by: Joe Wolfe (University of New South Wales)

As the title implies, this free online physics resource offers three volumes of help for students. It is the work of Joe Wolfe, professor at the University of South Wales in Sydney, Australia. It is a wonderful blend of the written and spoken word along with animations and video clips. Wolfe clearly loves to teach and has created a feature-rich resource for students and educators to learn physics.

Volume 3 covers the topic of physics and light. Each section includes an introductory video, written text and even provides many of the image files for educators to download and use in their own classrooms. The section on vision would be helpful to any student studying human anatomy and the eye.

Topics Covered in PHYSCLIPS: Volume 3: Light

  1. The nature of light
  2. Geometrical optics
  3. The eye & color vision
  4. Interference
  5. Diffraction
  6. Plarisation (coming soon)

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PHYSCLIPS: Volume 3: Light

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