Physclips: Volume 1: Mechanics

Written by: Joe Wolfe (University of New South Wales)

A physics professor at the University of New South Wales, Joe Wolfe has built a wonderful website called PHYSCLIPS. PHYSCLIPS is a multi-level, multi-media resource that is home to three volumes of a physics textbook. Links to all three volumes are included on The Free Textbook List.

Volume 1 covers topics in mechanics. What makes this material so unique is that it blends the aspects of traditional textbooks with video clips, animations and a certain sense of humor to present the material in a very engaging way. Lab exercises are designed to require only “cheap apparatus” and a computer.

The entire website is full of visual elements that will help students “see” the topics being presented and will hopefully lead to greater understanding of the material. Learning physics from professor Joe Wolfe is unlike any physics course I took. He has the presentation skills of a seasoned TV personality but the heart of an educator. Apples fall from the sky, flying pigs, cinder blocks being broken with sledgehammers, and all sorts of interesting visuals are used to present the material.

Modules of the Physclips: Volume 1: Mechanics Online Learning Resource

  • Constant Acceleration
  • Projectiles
  • Circular Motion
  • Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Newton’s Laws
  • Weight and Contact Forces
  • Energy and Power
  • Centre of Mass
  • Momentum
  • Rotation
  • Gravity

View this Free Online Material at the source:
Physclips: Volume 1: Mechanics

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