Perspectives on Death and Dying

Written by: Philip A. Pecorino, Ph.D.(Queensborough Community College)

When we compiled this list, this book was on its 5th Edition and is another wonderful textbook from Philip A. Pecorino, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy at Queensborough Community College. The book covers many topics that we humans often try to avoid such as grief, the definition of death, transplantation and other used for dead bodies, and end of life decisions.

The materials identified in the table of contents include a mix of literature, the writings of other scholars and Pecorino. Some of the chapters take the reader to other websites.

Table of Contents for Perspectives on Death and Dying

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Literature and Death: A Case Study
The Death of Ivan Illych – – Leo Tolstoy
Chapter 3: Learning from the Dying
Approaching Death: Improving Care at the End of Life (1997) – Institute of Medicine
On Death and Dying: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Stanford Wessler and Louis Avioli
Care of the Dying Patient — Merck Manual of Geriatrics
Personality, Lifestyle, and Death–Richard S. Perrotto
Chapter 4: Caring for the Dying
The Hospice Concept in Health Care – Kathleen Ann Allen
Psychotherapy with the Dying Person – Joseph Culkin
Psychotherapy and the Patient with a Limited Life Span – Lawrence LeShan & Eda LeShan
Chapter 5: Anticipatory Grief and the Family
Anticipatory Grief, Death, and Bereavement: A Continuum–Austin H. Kutscher
Chapter 6: Grief
Living with an Empty Chair – Roberta Temes
Three Stages of Grief – Nancy Weitzman
Chapter 7: Anthropology and Death: Different Cultures
Death Ritual: Anthropological Perspectives – Milton Cohen
Chapter 8: The Definition of Death
Defining Death in Theory and Practice – James L. Bernat, Charles M. Culver, Bernard Gert
Definition of Death – Nancy Weitzman
Legal Definitions of Death
Chapter 9: Transplantation and Other Uses for Dead Bodies
Transplants, Autopsies, and Neo-Morts – Phillip A. Pecorino
Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
Chapter 10: End of Life Decisions
Prolonging Life: Some Legal Considerations – George P. Fletcher
An Irrelevant Consideration: Killing versus Letting Die – Michael Tooley
Active and Passive Euthanasia – James Rachels
A Living Will
Sample Living Will
Right to Die Laws
Chapter 11: Infanticide
Denying the Rights of the Retarded: The Phillip Becker Case – George J. Annas
A Wonderful Case and an Irrational Tragedy: The Phillip Becker Case Continues – George J. Annas
On Letting Some Babies Die – David H. Smith
Chapter 12: Deciding Who Lives and Who Dies
Understanding Triage: Three Sorts and Cases – Frank Braio

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