Party-Directed Mediation: Helping Others Resolve Differences

Written by: Gregorio Billikopf

A textbook on party-directed mediation for mediators, facilitators and helping professionals who assist in resolving deep-seated interpersonal conflict. Gregorio Billikopf offers his mediation textbook for free download. The book is designed for circumstances when “saving face” is crucial and both parties will have to work and/or live with each other long after the mediator has gone home.

Table of Contents for Party-Directed Mediation

Part I – Introduction
Chapter 1: Party-Directed Mediation Model Overview
Part II – Pre-Caucus
Chapter 2: Empathic Listening
Chapter 3: Coaching During the Pre-Caucus
Chapter 4: Interpersonal Negotiation Skills
Part III – Joint Session
Chapter 5: Mediating the Joint Session
Part IV – Mediation Case Study
Chapter 6: Introducing Nora and Rebecca
Chapter 7: Rebecca’s First Pre-Caucus
Chapter 8: Nora’s First Pre-Caucus
Chapter 9: Rebecca’s Second Pre-Caucus
Chapter 10: Nora’s Second Pre-Caucus
Chapter 11: The Joint Session at Last
Part V – Supervisor-Subordinate Mediation
Chapter 12: Negotiated Performance Appraisal: Alternative and Preventive Mediation
Chapter 13: Negotiated Performance Appraisal Clips
Chapter 14: NPA Mediation Pre-Caucus
Appendix I – Cultural Differences
Appendix II – Contributions of Caucusing and Pre-Caucusing to Mediation
Appendix III – Inter-Group Mediation Case Study

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Party-Directed Mediation: Helping Others Resolve Differences

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